Total Landscape Care

lawn clean up

Did you know? “Landscaping is the one investment you can make in your property that will appreciate in value over time, if properly maintained.”

Earth Groomers’ Total Landscape Care is a season long program developed to keep your plants healthy and protect your landscape investment. Each of your plants is thoroughly inspected, evaluated and cared for as necessary on each of our 4 visits. When landscaping is neglected for longer periods it may be necessary to start with a clean-up to bring the site up to our service standard. On each visit, any weeds in the planting beds are addressed. The use of slow release organics is far superior to synthetic fertilizers that unnaturally encourage a flush of rapid growth, causing weak croches and poor health inviting disease and destructive insects.  Earth Groomers uses only top quality organic slow release fertilizers enhanced with symbiotic biology to insure healthy youthful vigor for all your plants. Our TLC program is exactly what you need to keep your investment growing.

Program Schedule:

SPRING  Balanced organic fertilizer application (Enhances plants flowering) + Remedial Plant and tree pruning

SUMMER  Stress reducingseaweed application +Natural insect control as necessary + Shrub Trimming and shaping

FALL  Complete fertilization (Increases root development and disease resistance) + Trimming,Shaping and Pruning 

WINTER  Protective application of anti-drying spray (Reduces moisture released from plants during winter months)

TLC Services before and 8 months after
before lawn care
after lawn care
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