Saving Barnegat Bay

saving Barnegat bay



Many of the herbicides that are used today are endocrine disrupters; they basically short circuit part of the hormonal system in plants. The chemical companies believe they are safe, the EPA is taking a second look after finding six legged frogs and unisex fish in streams and ponds with detectable levels of herbicides.

Of 30 commonly used lawn pesticides 16 are toxic to birds, 24 are toxic to fish and 11 are deadly to bees.

Nutrient pollution is causing dead zones in bays, lakes and even the huge Gulf of Mexico. Marine life is being wiped out and huge areas are becoming “Dead zones” where life cannot even repopulate.
Areas in the Chesapeake bay and many others around the world can no longer support the harvesting of the resource in those bays, what is left is being fished closed to extinction.

The ecosystem in Barnegate bay is sick, and the fertilizer polution needs to stop or we could pass the point of no return. In many other areas around the world these tipping points have already been passed.

According to a Rodale paper, 60% of the nitrogen applied from chemicals never reaches the plant, (you should ask for a refund!) It either volatizes into the air (to mix with ozone and makes nitrous oxide, close to 300 times as powerful as CO2 as a greenhouse gas), it washes off into the gutter contributing to nutrient pollution of bays and waterways or leeches into the ground destroying aquifers and wells.

By taking a “feed the plant” mentality you are contributing to the demise, Earth Groomers has decided to stop and find another way to do it. Customers are demanding to be better stewards and are asking for less toxic cocktails on their yards. People have had enough and do not want to continue paying the big corporate machine for synthetic fertilizer or toxic pesticides. Earth Groomers is your solution for organic land care. Have a healthy lawn or landscape you can feel good about, Take Action, Call Today! 732-573-1800

We are Proud Supporters of Saving Barnegat Bay!

SAVE BARNEGAT BAY is a not-for-profit environmental group working to conserve undeveloped natural land and clean water throughout the Barnegat Bay watershed.The success of their efforts requires support from you. As a landscape company, we understand and see in our own area, why choosing good products and practices is important.

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We All Want our Bay Clean!

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