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Make landscapes and outdoor living areas comes to life in the evening hours with our lighting!outdoor lighting

The purpose of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

  • Enhance the setting and value of your property
  • Designed to be discrete and accent landscape designs
  • Built for long lasting durability
  • Additional security for family and guests
  • Extend the hours of enjoyment outdoors

Affordable Pricing

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Security Low voltage lights provide low levels of even illumination vs. high voltage floodlightslwhich eave dark shadows and unseen areas around a property.

Safety. Low boltage lighting works best on walkways and entranceways. This ensures that residents and visitors can safely navigate around the property.

Usability. Illuminating the private areas of a property allow the evening enjoyment of decks, sitting areas, and recreational spaces.

Beauty. Low voltage lighting accentuates the shapes and textures of a landscape and its structures. Our lighting designers not only paint pictures with light, they create dramatic scenes that give the viewer a dynamic experience of the property.

Economy. Low voltage lighting consumes about 1/3 the electricity compared to high voltage systems and is far less expensive to install.

Rain Gardens & Barrels

rain barrel

For a sustainable landscape, installing rain barrels will store water from the rooftops for later use on your lawn and landscape. Water collection in rain barrels prevents water from flowing across the yard. Keep the top on tight to prevent any chance of mosquitoes developing. Earth Groomers can design and install an appropriate rain barrel for your home.

Hardscape Experts

Pavers • Retaining Walls

pavers and retaining walls

Services Include:

Outdoor Spaces- Pavers- Patios- Steps- Walkways- Garden & Retaining Walls- Pool Decks- Driveways

Why Choose Earth Groomers?

We have the right materials, the right equipment and the right people!

Competitive Pricing: We partner best product manufacturers in the country to bring you competitive pricing and top quality hardscape products. Our focus is not only design, but long term functionality and durability as well. Need a Quote- click here

Quality Assurance: We only use market-leading, proven materials from start to finish.  Specialized equipment; we have all the tools and resources to make your job perfect!

Earth Groomers can design and install quality hardscapes to create your new outdoor living space. Relax and enjoy you new landscape on your new patio or deck. When designed with vision and style, hardscapes create functionality while beautifying the architecture of your home and your landscape.

Our experts will take care of everything, so you don’t have to. 

 You will see the difference useing a company that focuses on quality rather than volume in your hardscape installation for years to come!

Fence Repair Services

Have high winds, heavy snow or falling branches knocked down fence panels or broken some fence posts? Is your current fence still standing but could use a little TLC? For a fraction of the price of a new fence we can repair or restore your old fence. Call for an estimate.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding Services

Service including small or fallen tree removal, and stump grinding. Earth Groomers will cut down or dig out and remove any large bushes or small trees. Stump grinding is also available for roots that are difficult to dig out. 

Safe & Professional service 
Well equipped and insured 
-Affordable pricing
-Experienced staff

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