Lawn Maintenance

Earth Groomers has the experience to make your property look outstanding every time. You will be provided with a consistent and dependable service. Earth Groomers employees take pride in their work and show up when they should. Grass clippings will be recycled into your lawn using our mulching mowers, however, when necessary clippings may be bagged and disposed of off site. After your property is serviced you will notice the clean crisp edge along sidewalks, even trimming around any obstacles, and that every hard surface has been freshly blown off. Earth Groomers takes pride in leaving properties with a sharp looking freshly cut lawn and in far better condition then when they arrived.


Well read this and decide for yourself

While it’s true almost anyone can cut grass, a truly professional lawn service can give you a better value.


  1. Reliability, Earth Groomers lawn service crews maintain the same customers lawns week after week at very close to the same time on the same day, our customers get to know their crew and the time they will come. Any special requests are added to our state of the art routing software and are added to that crews route list every time your property serviced, insuring your wishes will be followed. The only reason you should ever know we serviced your property will be the smell of freshly cut grass and the neat clean appearance.
  2. Communication, an open channel of communication and employees that speak your language, is another Earth Groomers advantage. When you need to make a special request an Earth Groomers employee will understand you. Earth Groomers has office staff on duty to answer your phone call Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm. The office staff is also in direct contact with our employees in the field.
  3. Sharp Mower Blades, Did you know the better quality of cut the less chance your lawn has of a disease or insect infestation? It’s true, shoddy equipment bladesand dull blades provide a poor quality cut, stressing the grass plants to an unhealthy state, then inviting disease and insects to help finish the destruction. A sharp blade will make a clean cut that will callous over and heal quickly not using very much of the grass plants energy. A dull blade will make a tear across the grass blade ripping and shredding leaving tattered ends that not only looks bad leaving a white cast over the lawn, but leaves a huge opening for a fungal disease to move in and requires much of the grass plants energy reserves to heal leaving the plant stressed. Earth Groomers sharpens mower blades to a razor finish after every 8 hours of use, giving your lawn one of the cleanest healthiest cuts possible.
  4. Full Service Company, Having a full service landscape company service your lawn can be a big value. Earth Groomers full service trained staff is on the front line every week and can usually spot a small problem before it takes over the entire lawn or landscape. Also as a licensed lawn care provider lawns can be fertilized when needed and weeds can be treated before they go to seed in the same visit. Having trained eyes on your property weekly, our employees will make recommendations that can increase your properties curb appeal, and save you money.
  5. Professionalism, Earth Groomers uses contracts that explain exactly what you will get for your money and how much it will cost total. Earth Groomers employees are easily Identifiable in our green uniform shirts. Once you see the green, you can feel secure and know who is walking around your property. A professional company should carry liability and workers comp insurance, it takes the burden off the property owner should something go wrong or someone get injured while working on the property. Earth Groomers maintains proper insurance coverage, so you can feel at ease should the unexpected happen.

These are just a few reasons, call or email and our office staff would be happy to discuss our service with you!