Fall and Spring Leaf Cleanup

Leaf Clean-Up and Removal Servicesleaf removal

Our state of the art mobile vacuum systemallows us to pick up the tiniest leaf and to haul away enormous quantities of leaves quickly. Quick & Easy!

1. Curbside vacuum service
2. Full leaf removal service

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Clean-up rates are billed per hour .Our prices are very reasonable and we have found that over the years this is most fair way to charge for a clean up, as leaves blow from yard to yard you are only charged for the leaves we clean-up.

leaf cleanup

Helpful Tips for Curbside Pick-up
Clean leaves from turf and bed areas several times during the fall. Leaves can be gathered much easier and faster before they settle in bushes, and are stuck to the ground by rain and cold weather.

We recommend cleaning leaves approximately 2-3 times a year.
1. Late October
2. Mid November
3. Mid December

Helpful Tips for Curbside Vacuuming  -Save Time and  Money!

  • Call to schedule at least one day prior to putting leaves at the curb. It is much faster and cheaper to vacuum a leaf pile the same day it is put on the curb before it begins to settle.
  • Never put leaves in a ditch or on a curb with running or standing water. This greatly increases vacuum time and price.
  • Remove sticks, rocks, and other debris. These items will not pass through the machine and will have to be removed prior to vacuuming leaves, which will add to the total cost.
  • Make curbside piles short in length. Make your pile high rather than long whenever possible. This will require less moving of the truck thus saving us time and you money.
  • Pile leaves where our truck can have easy access. Our truck is equipped with a side mount vacuum and is designed to pull along side a leaf pile, not back up to the pile. Please remember our vacuum hose is only 8 feet long.
  • Do not put leaves under low branches or low power lines. Our trucks need a minimum 10′ 6″ for clearance.