Earth Groomers is Licensed By:

nj enviro logo NJ DEP – Licensed # 98743A
A pesticide is any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest. Pests can be insects, mice and other animals, unwanted plants (weeds), fungi, or microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. NJ State law requires that any business or person who either wholly or in part holds himself out for hire to apply pesticides be licensed. Earth Groomers uses the lest toxic and lowest amount possible only as a last resort.

oag logo Home Improvement Contractor – Licensed NJ # 13VH04009400 Since January 1, 2006, anyone who makes or sells home improvements with respect to residential properties (including landscaping and mulch) in the State of New Jersey must be registered with the Division of Consumer Affairs unless specifically exempted under the statute and may not obtain a construction permit unless registered.

pwords logo Public Works Contractor – Licensed NJ # 666906
The Public Works Contractor Registration Act (N.J.S.A. 34:11-56.48, et seq.) requires all contractors, subcontractors, or lower tier subcontractors (including subcontractors listed in bid proposals) who bid on or engage in the performance of any public work register with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Accredited or Certified By:

nofa logo
NOFA Accredited Professional
There are no government standards for organic land care, as there are for organic farming. The NOFA Organic Land Care Committee stepped in to fill this gap with its own comprehensive organic standards. Land care professionals who complete the NOFA OLC 50 hour training and pass a 4 hour examination are accredited by NOFA as Organic Land Care Professionals. By choosing an accredited professional you will know that your landscaper is knowledgeable about organic methods and adheres to a strict well thought set of standards.
PLANET Certified Turfgrass Professional
CTP is earned by completing the certificate course through the University of Georgia. The program contains in depth knowledge on warm and cool season turf. Students must pass a final exam that focuses on 14 different aspects, includeing soil science, insect, weed and disease identification, and lawn construction. The course can be completed in one year. A CTP stands out as an expert in his field, as less than 1% of all lawn care professionals attain this designation.


Neighborhood Network certified
By having demonstrated knowledge in organic methods; and having signed a contract to comply with our standard for organic horticulture that includes lists permitted and prohibited products and practices, and operating transparently, by agreeing to inspections to ensure compliance, a business can become certified by Neighborhood Netwrok.

A Current Member of:

ela logo
ELA Ecological Landscaping Association is a nonprofit, member-based organization of landscape professionals, homeowners, and community groups who believe in using landscape practices that are environmentally safe and beneficial. ELA was founded in 1992 by a group of forward-thinking landscape professionals to provide networking opportunities, so that people concerned about the environment could exchange ideas and experiences with others who share their concerns.
Professional Landcare Network is an international association serving lawn care professionals, landscape management contractors, design/build/installation professionals, and interior plantscapers. PLANET develops and maintains active programs for approximately 4,000 member firms in the areas of business management, government affairs, public relations, technical assistance, safety and insurance, education, and interindustry relations with other facets of the green industry.

iahp logo IAHP
International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals
The IAHP was created to educate, promote and aid the hydro seeding industry. IAHP has launched a program to allow contractors to increase their learning of the industry and to set themselves apart from the competition.

oc-chamber Toms River-Ocean County Chamber of Commerce
Building a strong business future in Ocean County is one of the primary goals of the Chamber of Commerce. Chamber members make an investment in our area, financially and through community service. group of “people helping people” to develop the Ocean County area as a great place to live, work and enjoy recreation.To learn more click here