About Us

Earth Groomers was founded in 1998 by Steven Davidson as a local, full service, landscape company. Their focus is to make and keep their clients properties looking outstanding, while making better environmental decisions.

Prior to forming Earth Groomers Steven worked for an established local lawn care company, “I not only saw but I helped them distribute the many gallons and pounds of synthetic chemicals they spread routinely, all the while thinking to myself this can’t be the only way to have a nice lawn”. Frustrated with spending every day spreading chemicals, after several months Steven moved on to another job. Steven eventually began to take on a few lawn care clients of his own, and decided from the start “I will provide my customers with a beautiful and safe lawn while not using so many chemicals”.   Then taking courses at Rutgers, and reading feverishly Steven learned everything he could about business and landscaping. With attention to detail and top notch customer service his client base flourished and it became necessary to turn his passion into a full time business.

Now Earth Groomers has entered a new chapter, the company’s focus has always been to give customers a valuable service, quality landscape designs, use less or no pesticides, and organic fertilizer. Up until a few years ago the organics were not promoted, “it was just what we did, because it worked”. Word spread and people began calling about the reduced pesticide use and organic lawn care programs. It was apparent more and more people were concerned about the environment (our bay), and especially their children’s and pet’s health.

The requests for service continued to increase steadily, and in 2003 Earth Groomers began to offer a program using completely no pesticides and no synthetic fertilizers. Earth Groomers has become industry experts in organics and in 2007 became one of the few companies in NJ to be NOFA accredited. NOFA accreditation requires participation in a 50 hour class that is followed by a 4 hour test on acquired skills. An additional 8 hours of continuing education is required each year to maintain accreditation. Earth Groomers is also involved with the Ecological Landscape Association, Professional Land care Network, our local chamber of commerce and several local environmental commissions.

 Earth Groomers specializes in providing better environmental choices when it comes to all facets of landscaping. They landscaped one of the first LEED certified residences in New Jersey and have assisted with green roof design and installation.

Our Staff

staff-steveSteven Davidson, CTP

Steven grew up in Toms River NJ and had been mowing lawns for neighbors since the age of 10. Later realizing how much he enjoyed working outdoors; Steven worked for a local lawn care company. Then changing focus in school to business and horticulture Steven decided to start his own company, and in 1998 he founded Earth Groomers. Steven decided his company would be different. Since the inception of Earth Groomers, Organics and greener practices have been the backbone of the business. Steven has always believed in continuing education, pushes his employees to further thier education, and has achieved the designation of  Certified Turfgrass Professional  through the University of Georgia.


staff-kerryKerry Betz
Vice President

Kerry was born in Point Pleasant and grew up in Point Pleasant Beach.  After high school he went to college to study mathematics.  Kerry decided to work for Earth Groomers after several years of college because of his love of  the outdoors.  He has now been working for Earth Groomers for 6 years and counting.


staff-jenJennifer Davidson
Treasurer/Office Manager

Jennifer is graduate from Point Beach High School and Capri Institute. She is a native of the Jersey shore, and like Steve and Kerry also has a great love of the outdoors. Jen is passionate about the environment and has a knack for explaining Earth Groomers take on it, to customers. Her organizational skills and pleasant disposition on the phone will make you glad you called.


Thank You for Supporting a Local Business

By using the resources in your community you help preserve the town’s prosperity. Compared to national lawn services, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community. Local businesses create jobs and boost the local tax base which in turn improves schools, parks and the quality of life in our town.

Committment to Eco- Friendly Practices

As an advocate of protecting the environment and especially our local communities and waterways, our goal is to use methods that build value in your land and protect your property, family, pets and the environment. The result is a healthy, beautiful landscape, which requires less input, retains nutrients and moisture in the soil, and resists diseases, insects and pests.  After all we collectively are the stewards of the earth, everything we do effects life around us, each step in the direction of better stewardship helps the planet, and Earth Groomers can help you get going or continue moving in the right direction.